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  • Capasity: 42 Ounce (1.2 L)
  • Finished with a porcelain enamel interior
  • Iron pot handle with fine linen, prevent burns.

While the water boiling, please don’t direct contact with the lid with the hand, to keep away from being scalded.

Iron Teapot after heating the temperature of the bottom of the pot will likely be very high, don’t placed directly on the table, so to keep away from burning the desktop.

Hand Cast Iron Teapot originated in China, introduced to Japan in the tang dynasty.

It always performs an important role in the tea ceremony.

Hand Cast Iron Teapot boiling water boiling point temperature is higher, and heat preservation time is longer.

It can give a boost to water quality, water is more soft and smooth, sweet, improve and enhance the taste of tea.

Hand Cast Iron Teapot can also unlock of Fe2+ for easy absorption by body

The way to use the Hand Cast Iron Teapot

  1. When start to use new Iron Teapot, 10 g first tea into the pot, add water to boil for 10 mins, will form a layer of film within the surface of Iron Teapot, not only it isn’t easy to rust can also get rid of odor in Iron Teapot. Repeat 2 to 3 times, till the water clear. Advise new pot to use on a daily basis, allow the Scale fast adhesion.
  2. Use the Iron Teapot of boiling water after the water boils While no more than seven full to keep away from overflow. Using iron pot wall will appear scarlet spots after 5 days. Ten days or so will appear white scale, that is standard phenomenon.
  3. After each use, use soft cloth dry in Iron Teapot of water, to keep the Iron Teapot body is dry, don’t in Iron Teapot with water overnight, prevent rust 4, While cleaning the teapot don’t wash in Iron Teapot with sharp items, the case will likely be erased in POTS of coating, clean with clear water, don’t use detergent, iron pot of hot, additionally don’t rapid cooling, pay attention to prevent hot.
  4. The iron pot of rust after approximately 30g of tea leaves, approximately 20 mins of cooking, turn off the heat after placed approximately 5 mins, pour out the dark water, can continue to use after washing.
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