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  • Width: 22 cm
  • Height: 16 cm
  • Volume: 1.25 L
  • Colour: black/brown
  • Material: stoneware with attractive cast-iron finish, maintain in Asian bamboo
  • Design: Francis Cayouette
  • From the award-winning Theo range
  • Vintage Scandinavian stoneware with a cast-iron finish
  • The lid and handle are made of bamboo

Make time for tea with Theo. The brand new tea assortment, Theo by Stelton, is all you wish to have for an unique tea ceremony.

The teapot looks nice in blackish-brown, Vintage Scandinavian stoneware with a cast-iron finish. For a touch of Asian tea tradition, the lid and handle are product of bamboo. The simplicity of the teapot and its clean lines are restful to the attention, making room for reflection and relaxation in your personal tea ritual.

Matching the Design of the teapot, there are tea mugs, a teapot warmer and miniature bowls. The miniature bowls are available in a P.c. of 3, as they can also be used as attractive storage for used teabags.


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