Unitary Brand – Vintage Barn Chandelier


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This chandelier is supplied by Unitary Home World, a professional lighting producer, always make sure that supply you with the highest quality and the most abundant type of lamps and lights. All products in factory have to go through a demanding safety monitoring.

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Product Information:

  • Material: The main element of this chandelier is made of metal.
  • Finish: The surface is painted – black.
  • Item Sizes:
    • Height of the chandelier is 40 inch
    • Diameter is 31 .5 inch
    • The length of each arm is 18.50 inch. The shortest length of the connecting rod is 12.60 inch,the longest length is 21.26. The height of the connecting rod is flexible.
    • Diameter of metal ball is 3 .94 inch .
  • Voltage: The voltage of the bulb is 110-120V.
  • Power: There are 12 E26 light sockets together, the optimum suitable wattage light is 60W (bulb not included ), so the largest overall power of the chandelier is 12x60W = 720W.
  • Main Light Type: You can use incandescent bulb, CFLs and LED bulbs, but it is suggested that you use 5W CFLs or LED bulbs, which will save energy and life is longer.
  • Area Application: This chandelier is perfect for the dining room, kitchen, living space, barn but this is just an idea. You are able to based on your actual needs to decide where is fitted in.

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