Take your baking back to its roots, using this stunning vintage-style kitchen scale from KitchenCraft’s Natural Elements collection.

KitchenCraft Natural Elements Traditional Balance-Style Food Scales with Acacia Wood Stand. Inspired by the natural world and vintage kitchens, these balance scales are still as beautiful, robust and practical as ever. This re-imagined classic pairs a traditional cast iron body with a beautiful, grain-patterned acacia wood stand.

A modern upgrade on the traditional design, the stunning acacia wood base provides a sturdy platform for enthusiastic bakers, as well as protecting delicate surfaces against marks from the iron. The distinct, highly unique grain gives this ageless product natural beauty, and functional charm.

Designed to look and function like old-fashioned kitchen scales, but with smart upgrades to improve performance, KitchenCraft’s vintage balancing scales are a modern re-imagining of a timeless classic.


Cast iron is very robust, and the removable, pear-shaped stainless steel bowl makes for easy scooping and pouring.

It’s a combination that’s as beautiful as it is useful. Cast iron is extremely robust, while acacia wood has stunning natural grain patterns that are unique to each piece.

The cast-iron body is a sturdy base for measuring out your baking essentials, as well as helping with the homely, vintage character. It’s a naturally balanced, striking statement piece, with a valuable collectable feel.


The old-school balance mechanism will last and last, and is adjustable for extra precision when weighing.

There’s a reason why balance scales have been used for millennia. The mechanism is simple and reliable, with few moving parts to wear out, and no batteries to replace.

Bakers will love the balance mechanism for its simplicity and accuracy. There are no bulky wires and no temperamental batteries: just a reliable, elegant weighing option that promises great results, bake after bake.

Easy Kitchen Scale

These baking scales couldn’t be easier to use. Simply place your ingredients in the stainless steel scoop, and add weights gradually added to the other side until the two are level. And that’s it.

The large, traditional pear-shaped bowl is a real helping hand when baking, making it easy to scoop and pour ingredients. As it’s high quality stainless steel, it is highly resistant to rust and staining, and won’t transfer flavours between ingredients.

The mechanism is adjustable, with full instructions included, explaining how to do so.

  • Dimensions (with stand): 29.5 x 14.5 x 17.5 cm (11½ x 5½ x 7 inches)
  • Scales and stand wipe clean
  • Bowl is dishwasher safe
  • The scale come packed in a beautiful Natural Elements gift box